16 Maggio, giorno 216: prove tecniche


Questo forse è il colpaccio più grande che io abbia mai fatto al mercatino vintage: abito di Luisa Spagnoli: 15 euro, sandali: 1 euro (non vintage ma rotti). Il vestito era assolutamente perfetto, mia mamma si è solo scervellata per fare l’orlo senza toccare il drappeggio… missione compiuta con successo!


19 thoughts on “16 Maggio, giorno 216: prove tecniche

      • Good luck and enjoy your day, Elvira !

        Anything ‘vintage’ certainly has a charm in comparison to today’s plastic world, for sure ! 🙂

      • I totally agree with you 🙂 I wish you a wonderful day too! See (or write :D) you soon with a new, charming vintage thing!

      • Elvira, guess most of my blog posts can be under the purview of ‘vintage’ as they deal with age-old traditions ! anyway, will try and do another soon – thanks 🙂

      • Sure! I love the way you talk about your traditions, it is one of the cool side of vintage for me 🙂 Seems to be there and listening to the music, watching the movements of the dancers, savoring all the flavors in the air… 🙂

      • Good to know there is a ‘fan’ out there for my blog, Elvira ! Hope someday soon you get to experience all ‘live’ that you enjoy through audio/video by being there. Most welcome if I can be of any help …anytime…and that will be helping arts/traditions for me 🙂



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