17 Marzo, giorno 154: sveglia all’alba

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Sveglia all’alba, uno sguardo al cielo che si illumina, caffè bollente, due divani gemelli per stringersi le mani durante la corsa, il suono meraviglioso dei motori dopo mesi di astinenza, passeggiata tra la neve a gara finita… Ma quanta poesia c’è nella Formula 1?


5 thoughts on “17 Marzo, giorno 154: sveglia all’alba

  1. Thank you Elvira for stopping by my blog and following ! Sorry, I can’t read what your blog says because of language barrier, but will certainly check now and then to take a look at your photos. Best Wishes, anantha.

    • Thank you too for your lovely words. I’d like to translate every post in english but it will take me a lot of time. So I’ve inserted in every post a button (next to the other share’s buttons) for a translation ita/eng but I know that the final result is a little bit imaginative 🙂 However I will enjoy every visit from you! Best wishes and compliments for your pictures, they shown me a wonderful part of the world.

      • Elvira, I saw the button only after sending my comment at your blog and did the translation and read yours too in English. That’s very helpful, having that button there. I certainly will follow yours.

        Thanks again for keeping in touch with mine as I try and be as informative as possible on some less known facts and places.

        Wishing you the very best !

      • Thank you so much, your words are very kind! Your blog is already perfect to introduce me in the world around you!
        The flag on the translation button is a ghost flag: appears and disappears as she wants, so it’s possible you’ve visited my blog when she wasn’t at home 🙂
        I’m very proud having a follower as you from a country so special… I wish you the best, too! “Write” you soon 😉

      • just saw the ‘ghost’, still there not wanting to go home; guess this will be home for it from now on as I have started visiting him/her/it. 🙂

        Thanks for your words on my blog ! Honestly, enjoy the creative looks of your postings.

        If I can be of any help from “a country so special”, please do feel free and I will be very happy to. Best 🙂


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